3 Delivered Every Friday – for Top 40 Radio.

Listen to examples
Listen to examples

What are Hit Intros?

Hit Intros are trending Top 40 Songs modified to include your Station Name, Slogan and Artist Drops (eg. Hey, This is Rihanna!) in a cutting edge artistic way.

Hit Intros make your Top 40 station sound fresh, energetic and always on trend with 3 weekly hit intros delivered every Friday – with the radio edit of the song included.

Listen to the audio examples above to quickly understand how these could sound on your station!

Available for Web Radio & Terrestrial Radio

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Everything you need to know about
the Hit Intros & Payment

Who Picks The Music?

Wednesday, we send all subscribers a music survey. The winning votes alongside the latest Mediabase CHR Top 40 research – we pick 3 upcoming trending songs to deliver Hit Intros on Fridays.

Pay Weekly, Monthly or Yearly?

You can subscribe Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Monthly and Yearly gives you further discounts. Weekly means you can cancel with a week’s notice.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Just send a message to our team and they will cancel your Hit Intro Subscription on the next billing cycle. Easy!

Why Top 40 Radio only?

This radio format is trendy, popular and regularly updated, often with the same trending songs worldwide. Hit Intros will make your Station sound fresh, energetic and always on-trend. 

How is my station branding included?

Listen to the example audio above to hear how it could sound. We add your Station Slogan & Call Letters in a creative way using your existing Station Voice. Don’t have a station voice? We can provide one at no extra cost. 

We suggest keeping your slogan to three words, e.g. Hit Music Now / Where It Begins / Your Number One. So it flows nice and rhythmically with the way we design the Hit Intros. 

What our clients Say

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