Get your business its very
own commercial sung jingle

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Want your clients
singing your
business name?

Get a commercial advertising jingle

I bet you can hum at least 3 jingles right now…
make your brand just as memorable with your
very own catchy commercial advertising jingle.


Our professional composers will work with you to develop a tune that fits your brand’s personality, target audience and lyrics. We include you throughout the process to ensure you get a jingle which you are proud of.

We use top quality studios, singers, musicians and experienced producers to deliver only the best.

What we offer for you

Professional singers
Composed to your brief
Buy out – royalty free
Guaranteed satisfaction

One time cost.
No ongoing fees.
Forever use


$ 999 usd

What our radio clients have to say

The Fox
Keith Hammond

LOVE the imaging! The package sounds great on air and is just what we needed to give our station a “boost” to sound bigger, better and more sophisticated than our competition. You guys are great!

Bangkok FM

Ethan and the team went far above expectation, they came with suggestions and knew exactly what we were looking for. This is what you would expect from the big companies but then you should pay a lot more. Keep your eyes on LFM Audio because they will be on the top in this industry.

The Fox Oldies
Sam Meyers

Very friendly. Went out of the way to make sure I was satisfied. Very obvious they cared about making sure that I got what I wanted. I tried to work with several companies that I worked with before in the states and since I was internet now. They didn’t care. Never been treated as well as I was with LFM!

Hive Radio UK
Martin Lamb

Sonic Imaging gives our station a unique fresh sound. People can’t stop humming our Sonic Tune. We will certainly be back from more!

104.1 Territory FM
Matt Bern

What an amazing job you have done for us. I cannot thank you enough and I look to working with you again. I would not hesitate in recommending you!

We can help with your Imaging Script Writing too

    We are very happy that you trust us